Week Three – Practice makes Perfect!

Well it’s been manic…

Now that everyone is into the swing of things we have all realised there is quite a bit of free time. Naturally in this free time we like to lay in, have tea and biscuits or venture into town for a coffee and browse around the shops…

But we also use it to practice.

This varies for everyone. Some of us go for a morning jog, others do weights or follow a cardio DVD, but you can guarantee that post-show most of the artists are in the circus ring working on new tricks to improve the act, perfecting anything that has been going slightly wrong or learning a whole new skill… by the end of the week we all deserve that cheat day!

Now we do this because there is always room for improvement and so much to learn from the people around you… plus with some music and good company, it becomes great fun! Other reasons for training so much is to make sure we don’t get lazy, as back home some of the team would be regulars at the gym and others have skills that they aren’t using at the moment so they practice to maintain what they know.


Working at Butlins lets us get into a very good routine. We can arrange training times so that everyone has a chance to practice and with no buildups, pulldowns and moving days we have a solid 7 weeks to improve everything we do!

I myself have been working on a low-wire act. This is something I have been dedicated to practicing for a couple of years but now that I have bought the prop (this is much higher than one you would start to practice on) the race is on to get myself my first solo act.


My sister and her fiancé have spent the summer perfecting their double silks. The routine has been ready for some time now and they have music and costumes at the ready but getting used to running the whole act without coming down between tricks requires a lot of stamina so this is something they are working on. Plus my sister can’t help but think of new things to add to the act so it is constantly changing and improving.

20170726_210911The reason we have for learning new skills is because, as much as we love our Rolling Globe act, we also have other interests. My sister began practicing the silks as more of a hobby which she grew to love and I have been on and off the wire from the age of 12 but after seeing an amazing performer on another show I realised it was an act I wanted to commit to doing.

Sometimes companies like that you offer alternative acts, especially to suit different venues due to space or flooring, or just to change the show year after year. It also means we are able to work apart should the opportunity arise although I can’t see us retiring from our Globe act any time soon!



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