Week Two – Fun Day Monday!

Well firstly it’s been over a week since my last Blog… and for that I blame my family… Ok I don’t blame them exactly, but naturally as Mum and Sis were visiting I spent a lot less time in my room on my laptop and far more time in Reds, the Cinema and Centre Stage!


Now for many of you, Mondays are a lot of things but fun isn’t one of them! It’s your first day back to work and feels as though the day itself lasts a week. Well for us, Monday is the weekend and we love to make the most of it!

For our first day off we mostly spent it relaxing… we’d had a long week of rehearsing and opening the show so that very first Monday was bliss! It was a roasting hot day (who would want to work on a day like that!?!?) and perfect to visit some friends on Mr. Fips Wonder Circus – a nearby show also in Skegness. To sit in the sunshine and catch up on the year’s events… let us all forget about work for a while! That’s the beauty of this business, you get to work with and become friends with so many people in the industry that you can’t visit a show without knowing a few of the artists! Which is perfect when the summer BBQ comes out!

Now by making the most of our days off… I mean it in every possible way, so with Mum visiting for her birthday and also bringing our younger sister – well cheat-day kinda became a cheat-week! Hey, everyone knows that’s allowed when it comes to birthday celebrations!

We got to eat what we wanted and indulge in delicious cheesecake from Lady B’s Cupcakes in Mablethorpe (we may have ordered a whole cake too…), Milkshakes from Butlins ‘Scoop’ and grab a pizza from the nearest takeaway! Seriously, why stick to only one cheat day when you can have them all!!!


So for the following Monday and as a part of Mum’s birthday we arranged a girly Spa day while Dad and my sister’s Fiancé Brandon prepared a Mexican feast for dinner! Who could think of a better way to end treat week! We relaxed in the Jacuzzi, swam in the pool, and melted in the sauna and steam rooms before heading out for a couple of cream teas… yeah, it was a perfect end to a fabulous week.


We all knew it couldn’t last… We had cheated for long enough and come Tuesday, it was time to get back to training… well, that’s going to be a painful post to write…


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