Week One – From the Top!

Well we have officially been at Butlins Skegness for a week

and what a week its been!


Naturally after a holiday and some time off from work arriving at Butlins and jumping straight back into rehearsals, training, performing and putting on the extravagant show makeup was.. well.. what can I say… we were all slightly out of practice!

So, having settling into our lovely accommodation in Skegness, day one of meet and greet/jump into rehearsals followed suit. These are always exciting, we were introduced by Philip Gandey  (our Creative Director) to all the team Рboth those on and off stage and then we started getting the show together with our fabulous choreographer Daniel Todd.

Well within an hour Daniel had us all sweating and out of breath ensuring every aspect of the piece was perfect and most importantly that we were all in time with each other and full of energy! Did I mention that this was just the parade?! Fortunately for everyone we did manage to run three production pieces as well as mark out the whole show all in one day, what can I say.. rehearsals are the perfect warm up to the weeks ahead and are also a great way to get to know all your fellow artists! It was clear from the start we were all in for a great summer.


Our job doesn’t just begin when the show starts because there is so much work behind the scenes! So as part of rehearsals we sort out everyones costumes, the props that need to be pre set as well as set during other acts and both the performance area and backstage are cleaned up and show ready – its a team effort but everyone pulls together and has fun doing it!


So with two days of full on rehearsals and later dress rehearsals we ran all the production pieces (countless times!) and then our own acts to set the lighting and check visibility was safe throughout. We were all well and truly prepared for our opening performance on Saturday. Saying this, no amount of preparation could get rid of those opening day nerves! So having our first performance to the Skegness team made an excellent way to get those nerves out of the way and ensure the show ran smoothly before performing in front of a full house of Butlins holiday makers Рand what a crowd they were!


Back stage was full of good lucks and cheers of encouragement for each and every performer and with an adrenaline filled cast the show was a huge success!

Excitement and Exhaustion were the mixed emotions by the end of our first day of performances but after a very good nights sleep the 6 shows over the weekend ran smoothly and just as energy filled as opening night.


As much as we love working… who doesn’t love a day off!?!?! Fun day Monday was around the corner and we couldn’t wait to see what we would get up to for the day!



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